Bucharest 2018, 1st Edition
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Hours: 11 AM – 4 PM

Venue : Linea / Closer To The Moon – Calea Victoriei 17


CREATORS CUP is an alternative brewing competition, where competitors must build their own brewing device.

On September 8th 2018, we are having the first edition of Creators Cup in Romania!

CREATORS CUP is supposed to be a fun and less formal competition. The idea is for competitors to build their own pour-over brewing device. It must be made from scratch (not using any existing brewing device) and can use any filter paper they desire.

Our jury will have 1 international judge and 2 national judges.Together they will make sure we will brew for fun foremost, but there will be three awards:

  • Overall Winner
  • Best Brew
  • Best Design

The competition will have a few rules to guarantee fairness and to reflect the true spirit of specialty coffee:


  • Each competitor is given a compulsory coffee to use.
  • Creators Cup is run much like the compulsory round of WBrC (World Brewers Cup).
  • There will be compulsory water.
  • Grinders and water boilers will be provided and must be used.
  • Competitors will be given a practice time to learn the coffee before the scored service. 


  • The contestant is allowed 5 minutes setup time before scoring begins. 
  • The scored round is 10 minutes where the contestant should discuss the idea behind their brewing device. 
  • The contestant is only required to make a single brew. But the brew must be no less than 150ml.
  • During the scored service judges will be scoring the contestant on the design attributes of the score sheet. 
  • The sensory scores of the brew will be made after the scored service is completed and the brew is served.


  • Contestants must use a paper filters (but this can can be any paper filter they want).  ***
  • If the contestant wants to use cloth or metal this might be allowed but they must submit a request to justify its use.*** 
  • The brewing device must not be made using parts from an existing (market available) devices. ***
  • If the contestant chooses to recreate the effect of an existing brewing device this is acceptable but it will have an impact in the Design scores.***
  • The brewing device cannot use electric motors. ***
  • If parts require movement they must be moved manually.***


Just keep it simple! There is no rocket science (yet).

Keep in mind this is no engineering contest. Brewing coffee is for pleasure first. So put your curiosity to play and try your hand at crafting your own brewing device. Show off your brewing skills and have fun at the showdown with the rest of the community!


Creators Cup is part of the 5-year anniversary event series.

As the pioneer of the specialty coffee industry in Romania, we are celebrating 5 years of coming home late at night smelling of great coffee!

Through passion and hard work, we aim to build a reputation for: excellent product, top-level hospitality and consistent performance. We invest all this energy to shape new standards in the industry that will bring value to the specialty coffee field in Romania. 


Get hands-on with coffee, have fun, get inspired!