Brewing Foundation with Blazej Walczykiewicz

Brewing Foundation with Blazej Walczykiewicz

introduction in core brewing skills and equipments
800,00 lei


Event details:

Venue: Str. Lanului, 4. Origo Roastery

Hours: 8 AM – 4 PM

Blajez is a SCA AuthorisedTrainer (AST) in Brewing, Baristaand Sensory skills. He is also a WCE Judge and Trainer in Poland.  With a 10-year career in trainings for baristas, coffee shop owners and managers, he is known for his valuable workshops and presentations for some of Poland’s best coffee houses. As a trainer of the competitors participating in the Barista Polish Championship, he achieved notable success: one finalist and runner-up in 2014 and 2015 and a finalist in 2016.

The Specialty Coffee Association’s Brewing Foundation Certificate is designed to introduce core brewing skills and equipment to people with little or no previous hand pour brewing experience. Successful candidates should be able to grind and brew to the correct recipe and produce great coffee on multiple brewing devices.

By doing hands-on exercises and tasting, you will develop a greater understanding of the following concepts:

  • Coffee’s flavor varies based upon differing varietals, countries of origin and roast styles.
  • Coffee’s flavor varies based upon differing coffee to water ratios, grind particle sizes and brewing devices.
  • Coffee’s flavor varies throughout the brewing process.
  • The key elements of good coffee brewing and the differentiation between proper and improper brewing.
  • The optimum balance between strength and extraction.